10 Rules For Buying A Dissertation Online: How Not To Get Tricked

Purchasing academic papers online is a bit of a gamble. Many people have found themselves hundreds of dollars poorer with nothing to show for it because they were hoodwinked by a company they thought would help them. Don’t join their numbers. Here are a few things you can do to avoid being a statistic.

  1. Be able to recognize good work from bad
  2. If you don’t know bad work when you see it, a company can give you heavily plagiarized substandard work and you will gladly pay for it.

  3. Don’t act in haste
  4. Shopping for a dissertation requires time if it’s to be done well. Don’t wait until your deadline looms near or you will find yourself unable to search properly. This makes it easier to get trapped by false promises.

  5. Have enough money to pay for good quality
  6. If you can’t pay for a good dissertation you may end up going for a bargain service that offers very low quality. Your grades will reflect this so if you can’t afford the best, write your own paper. It’s much safer.

  7. Ask people you trust who they’d buy from
  8. If you’re friends with people who may have been in a similar position to you at one point or another, you can ask who they purchased their paper from. This will reveal some of the best and the worst in the industry allowing you to benefit from others’ experience.

  9. Make the purchase from someone you know personally
  10. Hire someone in your wider social network.

  11. Use a freelancer with an outstanding reputation
  12. Good freelancers may also be cheaper because there is no middleman.

  13. Use a company that has good reviews
  14. Good reviews usually indicate a history of good service.

  15. Look at the sample work with a buyer’s eye
  16. Many companies post samples. Check to see that these are of the required standard.

  17. Don’t forget your position of power
  18. If a company tries to convince you that you need them, remember you can take your business elsewhere.

  19. If it sounds too good, it probably is
  20. Many companies promise the impossible such as incredible grades at bargain prices. This is usually a ruse to get your money and leave you with nothing.

The academic writing industry can be very hard to navigate so it should only be entered when absolutely necessary. In such cases the tips above can save you loads of trouble.