The Essentials Of Writing A Dissertation In The APA Style

APA (American Psychological Association) format is the official style of writing that is used to cite sources in various disciplines of academics. Writing a dissertation in APA format is a useful skill that will start serving you as you reach your high school and onwards.

Usually, it is comprised of following sections

  1. The title page: It consists of a running head, the title, the name of the author and the name of the affiliated school.
  2. Abstract: It is the summary of the paper that is written after the title page. It should not be more than 150-200 words. However, the word limit varies based on the requirements of the publications and sometimes based on the instructor’s demand.
  3. The main body: This section is comprised of the main part of the essay. Basically when the title of the thesis is broken down into various chapters, sections and sub sections, it constitutes the main body.
  4. References: In this, the list of resources cited that you have used in your thesis. : This section should begin from a fresh page. Write the title in the centre at the top of the page. The entries should be arranged alphabetically. Flush the first line to the left margin. The subsequent lines should be indented towards the left hand side using the tab key.
  5. In Text- Citations: Here the name of the author and the date of publication should be included.
  6. Bibliography: Begin it with a new page. Write the title at the centre on the top. Collect all the resources and compile them together. Prepare a complete list of all the authors at the time of writing so that it becomes easier to arrange while offering final touch to the dissertation.
  7. The 6th style manual recommends two spaces to be left after each sentence. Double spaces should be left in the reference section too.
  8. All the sources should be cited whether in text or in the reference page. The resources should also be cited for quotations.
  9. It is mandatory that the titles should be written in Italics for books, newspapers and journals.
  10. Apart from that most commonly used typing font is Times New Roman. Sometimes Calibri style is also used. Font size recommended is 12.

Remember, the above cited points are just for your information. It is suggested that you refer some other brilliant sources before writing your dissertation in APA format.