A Complete Guide To Dissertation Conclusion Writing

For most people, writing the introduction and the conclusion piece to a paper is the hardest part to construct. The conclusion portion of your dissertation is your last chance to state your final piece and make sure the reader has understood everything you have said in the rest of the article. Just like the remainder of the paper, there needs to be structure and a purpose to this last part of your work. So here are some guidelines you should follow so that you can ace the conclusion.

Avoid making the common conclusion page mistakes

  • Do not do a full recap
  • The idea is not to bore that examine with a play by play of everything they just got don reading. The recap part of the conclusion should be a brief as possible if at all. This is where you want to put the piece together by discussing the implications of you topic on the world.

  • Do not introduce new material
  • The conclusion is not at all a time to introduce anything that was not touched on above. You should not be providing the reader with any new research or information on the topic. All of that is what the body paragraph was for.

  • Stay away from leaving cliff hangers
  • After the end of the dissertation, the reader should not be left with any lasting questions or uncertainty about your topic. Make should you leave a closed ending on your work.

What do you need to include?

  • A precise summary
  • Limitations
  • Strengths
  • Recommendations
  • Implications
  • Reference to questions and answer research questions

Answer the “So What?” Question

  • Tie the thesis to a larger, more broad context
  • Ask yourself why this thesis is important and explain that in the conclusion.
  • Answer why the reader should care about this topic or idea.

Look To the Future

You need to apply your topic to the future, and that affect that it will have, or the impact it will make

After you take some time to break it down, you will see that the conclusion is not nearly as hard as everyone makes it out to be. If you just make sure you abide by these tips, then you are good to go. However, if you are still unclear on any part of the conclusion, then feel free to look closer to this site so that you know exactly how to do what needs to be done.