A List Of Interesting Ideas For Strong Thesis Topics

The strongest parts of any essay need to be at the beginning and at the conclusion. With your introductory paragraph, you will include your thesis statement. The statement needs to make sense, it needs to have strong main ideas, and to needs to be grammatically correct. It also needs to be fresh and interesting to your readers or to your audience. Here are just a few ideas for strong thesis topics:

Interesting Ideas for Strong Thesis Topics

  • Trending topics-check out trending topics and see what is in the news, just make sure that there is enough support
  • Politics-almost everyone has an opinion on politics, go ahead and write about it, but make sure you have academic support
  • Going green-everyone is concerned about our planet, or are they? Going green makes for a very passionate topic
  • No bully zone-what does it take to make a school, home, or company a no-bully zone and how does society go about doing it
  • Policing the police-do they need policing, are there really police problems, or did the media fuel this
  • Hacking-how and why are major companies getting hacked so often and how can this be prevented
  • Rulers, leaders, and presidents-discuss the current leaders
  • College athletes-should they be paid or is the scholarship enough
  • Domestic abuse and sports-why is this happening
  • Athletes and concussions-explore this horrible health trend happening among athletes
  • Students’ rights-what rights do students have in school/public and private school
  • Global warming-what is it and can we stop it or does it matter
  • Hurricanes-the ones who have hit, and the surviving towns and people
  • The Olympics-people love the Olympics, study the greats from the past and what we have to look forward to in the future
  • Kings and queens-take a look at the monarchy from the past, there are some real characters you could research and write about
  • The media-what drives the media and just how much does the media drive the population
  • Religion-be careful, this is a hot topic, but a very magnetic one

You should keep in mind that your introductory paragraph needs to pull in your reader or audience. The topic needs to be compelling and interesting. The paragraph needs to be free of mistakes and clearly written. Lastly, the thesis statement needs to have strong ideas and a hook for your reader. Use these topics the next time you are assigned an essay to write.