Coming Up With Proper Public Health Dissertation Ideas For A University


Your dissertation is likely to be the most difficult paper that you will be asked to write throughout your education. It is designed unlike the other papers that you have written in the past. It is not only a summary of the information that you found on a topic but rather a new study in your field of study. It is designed to be written in a fashion that adds to the overall knowledge on the topic. It works to increase the overall knowledge that can be used by future generations.


Therefore, choosing a topic for this type of paper is not always an easy task. You have to choose a unique topic that is relevant and interesting. You need it to be specific and direct. It cannot be on general topics. You would chose a topic that studies a public health issue in a specific organization or county. Here are some really good ways to find some topic ideas.

  1. Current Events

    One of the best ways to get ideas is to look for current events that relates to the public health industry. It will give you an idea of some industries that you can discuss and what events may not already have been studied. Find a few topics that interest you and jot them down.

  3. Review Class Notes

    Review your class notes as well to get some ideas of relevant concepts that you have talked about in class. It will give you some ideas of what you can look up and find a few resources discussing various topics. That is a good way to start finding topics that you can write your paper on.

  5. Textbook

    One of the best resources for finding a topic to write about is your text book. Many textbooks will have sections that are separate from the texts that show how the concepts relate to real companies. Read through a few of these. They make excellent dissertation topics. Expand on these to come up with a great hypothesis for your paper.

  7.   Web sites

    There are also several web sites that concentrate on giving ideas on what you can write your paper on. You may want to modify these topics a little to make sure that they are original. You can keep the concepts the same and choose a different organization or a different country.


You can find the ideas that need to write your paper. Use the notes from your proposal review to improve on your topic if it doesn't get accepted the first time around.