10 Suggestions For Dissertation Topics In Economics For Postgraduates

Writing a dissertation is quite a challenging task for the students. They need to come up with great ideas, create a solid outline, think of a fresh and unique topic, develop your major arguments, gather relevant data to prove your stance, carry out experimentation, conclude your paper and format it in the right style. Not only that, you also need to present this dissertation to the official committee members at the university. These members are experienced professors who can tell in a minute if you are prepared enough for the presentation or not. They may ask you questions about the topic selection, subject, literature review, research methods and the data in your paper. You need to have an excellent hold of the subject you choose to write so that you can easily face them.

The most critical part writing a postgraduate dissertation in economics is to come up with a unique topic. At this level of your qualification, you develop an understanding of each concept and nothing you can seem to think of as new to others. The best way will be to brainstorm to generate new ideas and make a list of all the possible topics that come to your mind. Review this list carefully and start eliminating the ones you do not need, seem irrelevant or repetitive. This is how you will have your final topic after much review and research.

Below is a list of few topic ideas that you can use for inspiration to write your own postgraduate dissertation. These are not complete topics but are only suggestions of the areas you can talk about in your paper. You can choose the one that you like the best or feel most comfortable with. Remember these are only suggestions and samples so do not expect them to be unique or real for your paper.

Topic ideas for a dissertation in economics- Postgraduate level

  1. The concept of opportunity cost in terms of tradeoffs between nations
  2. War on terror has brought more harm to the economy than ever
  3. World War 2 had severe impacts on the German standard of living
  4. Human development index can be a representative of the culture of a country
  5. The liquidity trap
  6. The great depression 1940
  7. The concept of paper currencies
  8. The rule of depreciation
  9. Tariffs and quotas on global imports
  10. Subsidizing consumables