Writing A Master’s Dissertation: How To Write A Good Proposal

A good master’s dissertation proposal entails a few things. First and foremost is whether the topic used is good. If so, the next thing to check is whether it is unique, creative or if the case of a hypothesis is it well-stated? All dissertation proposals have a general standard format that they must follow and in order for one to pick out if the dissertation proposal is good, it must adhere to this format.

The introduction is important since it gives you an indication of what the dissertation is all about. It should include general problem area, specific problem, importance of the topic, research approach, limitations, key assumptions, and contribution to research. The research approach should be elaborately explained in an explicit manner. This includes explaining how it will be conducted. If it is an interview, how many people will be interviewed? If it involves conducting a survey, what apparatus will be used? Such questions need to be answered on that point.

Second step is a description of what has been done in the past. It is mostly in the form of a literature review. It is basically proving that your work is original hence why you are needed to ascertain your work. Thirdly, one needs to have a given a description of the research methodology. As stated in the introduction, you now give a detailed account of the method you put into place during your research. If it was an interview you conducted, you state who you interviewed, age bracket, questions you asked them and responses they gave you etc.

After giving an account on the research methodology, one then gives the research results. What was found out when you were conducting your research? Were the results positive or negative? Were they useful or did your research come to a dead-end? Thereafter, is the analysis to the results. What conclusions can be drawn from the data at hand? Can they lead to an implification of a theory? If so, what is the theory?

Lastly, are the summary and conclusion. The contributions made and results obtained are emphasized in this particular section. It is from here that your dissertation proposal will be either accepted or rejected. Further suggestions are also outlined here.

Following that format, one can easily know whether a master’s dissertation proposal is good or not. If the format has been adhered to, one then checks if it is well detailed, explained, analyzed and concluded in order to accept it.