How To Find A Sample Geography Dissertation Literature Review

No task is impossible if you can start it with the right plan. This is the truth no matter what subject you try to complete your dissertation in although in this case we’ll be focusing on Geography. Here are some of the tips that can lead you to just the right sample literature review to make your own writing stand out.

Look through the work you’ve submitted in the past

If you’ve been a student for quite some time, this may not be the first dissertation you have ever submitted. In that case, you may learn a great deal by looking over your past assignments. If they are very good still, you can use the same method you did at that point with minor changes if any. If the previous work was poorly done, you will be able to see very clearly what types of mistakes you used to make. These are the ones you are more likely to make again so you can make note of this and be extra cautious in those special areas.

Consult text books that deal with research

There is no need for you to go into this exercise and create the process from scratch. There are many books that will explain the entire research process so that even without having experience, you will know what to do. A few of these go so far as to include short examples of each section that you will have to put into your submission.

Read the most prestigious journals in the field

Every subject has a journal in which the more respected thinkers publish their work. These papers are considered the best of the bunch and any of the writing within them should be of a standard you can confidently copy. Seek out literature reviews that look like the one you will be creating.

Request access to those your professor has collected

Every teacher, lecturer or professor has a stash of excellent papers that they refer to from time to time. Ask to see these resources or just the section that you need. You might be allowed.

Ask acquaintances pursuing the same major

Even if all of your friends in Geography are clueless on the writing process, there may be a distant acquaintance who can provide just the sample you need.

Follow the tips above and your work will definitely have a great effect on your GPA.