A List Of Exciting Nursing Dissertation Ideas To Explore

When you choose a topic for your nursing dissertation, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Relevance.
  • The subject you focus on must be relevant or your paper will have very little value. Bear in mind that this factor will be considered during your defense and can affect the success of your project as a whole.

  • Actuality.
  • Writing a dissertation can take months, or even years. You need to choose a subject that will still be relevant by the time you complete your work.

  • Personal interest.
  • It can be very difficult to motivate yourself to give your all to this king of long-term project. Being personally interested in the research will boost your motivation.

Study the following list of ideas if you need some inspiration in your search for the perfect topic:

  1. Famous accredited nursing schools.
  2. List the most relevant nursing schools and provide a short overview for each. Which do you consider most important and why?

  3. Nursing modernization systems.
  4. What technologies are implemented in nursing today? How are future nurses taught to use these systems? Share your own experiences of working with them.

  5. How can nurses help promote healthy living?
  6. Explain the role of nurses in the community and offer some ideas on how to make it more active. What kinds of healthy living promotion projects can you suggest?

  7. Emergency response when dealing with critical care patients.
  8. Explain the emergency response strategies taught to nursing students today and offer your ideas on how they can be improved. What kinds of technological tools can be incorporated into these strategies to make them more efficient?

  9. The role of nurses when dealing with phobias.
  10. How can a nurse help a patient who suffers from some kind of phobia? What kind of additional training do nurses need to receive in order to deal with these cases?

  11. A comparative analysis of nursing practices in different countries.
  12. Choose several countries and research their nursing schools and policies. Express your personal opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of each.

  13. Nursing care for chronic illnesses.
  14. What are nurses taught about dealing with chronically ill patents? Does this course require any changes to make it more efficient?

  15. Social media and nursing.
  16. Explain how social media can be used to promote nursing education or to connect nurses, patients, and their families.

  17. How to understand the real value of your services.
  18. Analyze the market and determine the actual value of various nursing services, considering the amount of nurse’s experience and level of certification.

  19. Renewal of nursing license.
  20. Analyze nursing license renewal policies in your state and assess their levels of adequacy and fairness.