Things To Remember While Writing Dissertation Acknowledgements

In order to write a great dissertation, you will need to consider several important issues. Reading similar works by other authors helps to get useful ideas that could be applied to your own document. In addition, you should also keep important considerations in mind so as to meet the requirements by your department. Read more to find out what guidelines not to miss in the creations process.

The aim of this section

Once you have completed the research, you should include in the acknowledgements section the people who has contributed in your project. Basically, you should choose the criteria to order the contributors and proceed to shortly describe how each persons helped you in the creation process. This is the standard approach to develop this part of the dissertation.

Edit and revise

You may outline a draft for this section when you start working on your dissertation but as you progress in the project, some modifications may take place. For instance, if someone else contributes in an important extent, you should modify this section. There are two approaches to do so, you can make a list or you could include the contributors one by one.

Relatives and close friends

Most of the time, we should mentions relatives in this sections provided that they are a constant support in every project that we commit to. Next, close friends are also suitable candidates to be acknowledged for their their contribution. Do not forget to summarize the way each persons supported you to let the reader know how your project developed.

About the order

Some authors prefer a chronological order in this sections because it is usually much easier to manage the notes by date. In addition, you could modify the section whenever you find it necessary without having to wait until the end of the project. However, the importance of the contributions is also a suitable criteria for the arrangement. Last, you could use your own preference by following the way the project developed from your perspective. This last is a choice which is full of insight for the readers.

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