Is It Possible To Find Free MBA Dissertations Offline?

Before the Internet, if someone wanted to find a sample MBA dissertation then they had to use a variety of different sources. These days, the Internet makes it so easy to find exactly what you want that people forget how things used to be.

Of course, whilst the Internet has made it far easier for students to find sample papers, it has also made it far easier for schools and universities to detect plagiarism if any work has been copied from online sources.

Plagiarism should not be encouraged; however, some students may wish to find MBA dissertations off-line so that they can copy them with a reduced risk of being found out for having plagiarised any work. Alternatively, some students aren’t too keen on using technology, and just want to find sample papers to give them inspiration without needing to search on the Internet.

Whilst the Internet now dominates any choices when it comes to finding sample papers, it is still possible to find work elsewhere.

Looking in libraries

One place to start your search for a free MBA dissertation is in libraries. As well as various books, some libraries will have various other publications that people can look at. Whilst you may not find individual dissertations in their own right, you may find work that has been published in related journals or other academic publications. Alternatively, you may well find that some books contain details of dissertations, particularly if the books have been written by academic scholars.

Whilst there is a slight chance of finding work off-line in libraries, it is worth noting that more and more journals and other publications are moving to digital publishing, so there is certainly no guarantee that you’ll find any relevant information without looking online.

Contacting your school or university about prewritten work

Another possible solution is to contact your school or university to see whether they have any past samples of work written by previous students. It may be that they do have a paper copy of any work and would be willing to lend it to you to help you see how to do your own work.

However, is quite possible that the school or university doesn’t keep past papers, or that it is unwilling to lend them to students.

Ultimately, your best chance of finding any past papers will be to look online. If you do not want to look on the Internet then you will be severely restricting your chances of finding relevant papers.