Where To Find Free Dissertation Samples: A Guide For Newbies

Though most graduate students have significant academic paper writing experiences, many of them feel confused when they need to prepare dissertations in order to get their degrees. Being busy and non-organized, students often do not fully realize what to do and how to complete their papers before the deadlines. Thus, it is necessary for them to find out where to look for help. One of the best available options is the possibility to use free dissertation samples. To get quality samples, you can take one of the following steps:

  1. Visit your supervisor, clarify the important requirements that you need to keep in mind, write everything down, and ask where you can find examples to look at. Usually, supervisors have collections of academic papers of different levels that they demonstrate to their students.
  2. Ask your colleagues and friends what resources they use in order to download free dissertation examples. You may be surprised, but your family members may also provide you with some helpful information.
  3. Conduct your own search by using your search engine. On the Web, there are many websites where you can find numerous thesis templates and guidelines, but you must be aware that you have to evaluate the quality of the resources that you are planning to use.

The latter option is the most popular among students. However, they should use the samples wisely, or their supervisors may think that they are cheating. The following suggestions are useful when you need to get free dissertation examples and understand how to benefit from them:

  • Look for the websites of educational institutions and reliable writing agencies.
  • Academic writing centers and university departments often upload good samples for graduate students, so you can use them to learn how strong academic writing should look like. Writing agencies also provide free examples of dissertations written by their best writers.

  • Visit a PhD student study group meeting.
  • PhD students know a lot about dissertation writing, so they can help you pick great samples, find useful tips, and provide suggestions about how to write better. You can search for these groups online or ask in your school. Usually, the writing center staff can tell you where such meetings take place.

  • Find a thesis writing tutor on the Web.
  • Many academic writing tutors help students for free, and they may also help you find good examples to follow and explain what mistakes you should avoid. Tutors are time management gurus, so do not hesitate to ask them how you can organize your writing process in the most efficient way.