7 Places Where You Can Find the Best Thesis Examples

If you don’t know where to start with writing your thesis, you should study some examples. This way, you will understand what a good thesis should be like and will be able improve your own writing skills. However, you should understand that not any sample will do when you want to learn how to create a good thesis. Some of the papers you can get your hands on might be written poorly. You really don’t need to waste your time on them.

Here are some suggestions of the reliable sources which can provide you with high quality thesis examples:

  1. Other students:
  2. You can ask the people who have already successfully defended their theses to see their works. This method is so simple it rarely occurs to a panicked student who thinks that getting a thesis sample must be as complicated as actually writing one. However, this isn’t so. Other student are often willing to brag about their accomplishments and can even offer you some helpful tips for free.

  3. College/university libraries:
  4. The theses that are written by students are stored in the libraries, so you may find some real treasures when sorting through the catalogue. Ask the librarians for help as these people know their domain best.

  5. Custom writing firms:
  6. The companies that provide help with writing theses can offer some very good examples that will be truly perfect as they are created by qualified professionals. Bear in mind that these firms may have some special terms of use in regards to the samples they provide, so be sure to discuss all the issues with the company’s agent.

  7. Online databases:
  8. There are quite a few websites that simply offer various theses for download. The majority of them are free and only require registration on your part. Please note that many of these databases offer junk instead of good papers, so you will actually run the risk of copying someone else’s mistakes.

  9. Thesis writing portals:
  10. Today you can find plenty of specialized online portals that offer helpful articles and samples that can teach students how to create a good thesis. Be sure to look for the sites with good reputation.

  11. Your thesis advisor:
  12. If this person has been an advisor before, he or she definitely has several thesis examples and some good advice for a beginner such as yourself.

  13. University/college official websites:
  14. Nowadays many schools post a few of their graduates’ theses on their official websites as examples to those who consider taking the program. The number of the offered topics is limited, but the samples are of the highest quality.