How To Make The Grade: A List Of Psychology Master's Dissertation Ideas

Okay, now that you’ve been through high school and undergraduate degree, you should start to focus on getting a brilliant grade for your postgraduate. In essence, what you have achieved in the past doesn’t really matter, because what matters now are your CURRENT grades. If you do poorly in your Master’s, it would stick with you forever! You don’t really want that do you? Well, if you want to avoid that, you might want to just do very well in your psychology dissertation. If you don’t know what topics you are going to research on, here is a list of ideas for you:

Goal setting

As a psychologist, you would know that setting goals would hugely impact a person’s life. Well, it is your turn to discover to what extent does it affect a person. Think of some topics that you like; you could focus on sports psychology or child psychology. It doesn’t really matter, because essentially, the same theories apply. I personally love doing research on goal setting, because everyone including adults and children can benefit from it. Have a think – it’s a great dissertation topic!

Performance profile

If you are into sports psychology, then you could talk about the effects of a performance profile. This happens when the athlete and coach sit down and have a think of the athlete’s current progress. They would each fill in a performance profile chart and they would determine if there were a gap between their perceived skills. The whole process is rather complicated, but if you love sports psychology then this would be the perfect dissertation topic for you.


A person’s motivation is the key to success. There are also literatures in the current field of psychology proving that. Your job would be to discuss the effects of motivation; you could compare motivation to the amount of money people earn per year (for example!). Obviously there are so many different topics in which you could potentially talk about. The possibilities are simply endless! Obviously it would still depend on your personal interest and you should definitely talk to your dissertation tutor about your direction. Get advices from him to write a perfect piece of work! I hope you have enjoyed this guide and I wish you great success in university!