Getting A Free Dissertation Acknowledgment Example: Useful Tips

Writing the dissertation is a long and arduous process and writing the acknowledgement can be just as difficult, especially when you consider how personal and intimate it can be and how vastly different it is compared to the bulk of the dissertation.

If you review an example you can benefit in the following ways:

  • You can see exactly how all of your sources are to be cited
  • You can find additional sources you may be able to incorporate into your paper
  • You can see how each section should look/be arranged
  • You can better familiarize yourself with a new formatting style
  • You can see how a good argument is made
  • You can make sure your paragraphs are an appropriate length

So when you are writing your acknowledgment example you should look for a free example to help you.

Your advisor

Your advisor might be able to give you some scanned copies of previously written acknowledgement pages which will help you to really get a feel for how they should be created and how you can create yours in accordance with the rules and regulations of your academic institution. This is one of the best resources you have.

Your school or public library

Your school or public library should be a host to many samples. If you are unsure of where samples or books containing samples might be located, you can always ask a librarian for help. If you find a copy, it would behoove you to make a photocopy of it to take home. This will enable you to write all over it and mark it however you see fit. You might also be able to locate some writing guides at your library. Some libraries even have writing groups that meet and can discuss the elements of your assignment.

The internet

Remember that when you are using the internet to find an example it is up to you to vet each of the problems. The internet is a host of bad or falsified information. That is why you must be exceedingly careful when you are reviewing possible samples online. You would be better off starting with an educational website. Avoid a blog or anything that ends in “.com” because this indicates that it is a commercial site. Try and find sites that end in “.edu” because this indicates it is an educational site.