A List Of Interesting Thesis Topics In Marketing For University

The topics selection for marketing thesis projects:

Marketing from the business domain is one of the most interesting and interactive courses that you will ever come across. The research done at the university level for marketing subject is quite an interesting venture where there is a lot of scope for the students. They learn several new things in a few weeks, which enhances their overall personality as well. The successful candidates after their thesis find themselves as a completely different and well balanced person. They are sharp in all the skills that they possess and the overall job market looks quite lucrative for them. But, all these opportunities which they can exploit come in with a lot of hard work. Special emphasis should be given to their research paper where they are required to come up with something totally out of the ordinary. If they are serious about their success in thesis, then the first thing that they required to do is to find the right topic which fits well in the current marketing scenario of the country. If this thing goes wrong, then the students unfortunately will have a weak base, where all their research will lead them to a wrong and improper conclusion. Time is of the essence and in thesis writing; the students really cannot afford to make any mistake as it can cost them dearly.

Interesting topics for marketing thesis writing projects:

The following list is of the best marketing topics for thesis writing:

  1. Why some marketing project fails miserably even if they are up to the standards?
  2. Why a same marketing campaign doesn’t fit well for two similar projects, but in different locations?
  3. How important is the concept of branding in marketing?
  4. How online marketing has affected traditional marketing approaches?
  5. Is online marketing sufficient to promote any nature of the product?
  6. How to best use the ingredients of the ‘Marketing Mix’ tool?
  7. How people from different regions affect the marketing strategies of the different companies?
  8. How the polygamous behavior of the customers affects the retailers?
  9. How loyalty schemes in all types of marketing projects can be useful?
  10. What are the main motivational factors behind the consumers who go for the loyalty schemes?
  11. How big impact can the quality of the product make on the loyalty of the customer?