5 Things To Know About The Length Of The University Dissertation

It is quite normal that dissertation vary in length, some might be short to cover 20 pages or so other might be more to about 1000s. All in all, university dissertations vary in length in relation to the discipline and the topic in context. For example, a student doing chemistry can easily write a 5 page dissertation and manage to score more than three-quarters of the points.

Here are 5 things that you need to know as a student about the length of your dissertation.

  1. Supervisor is your main advisor
  2. Mostly as rookies, we would have the slightest of idea of how long the dissertation should be. Just so as to be sure of what is expected of us, ensure that you are keen to ask your supervisor so that you don’t do something that may cost you points. Of course there is a limit to everything, as you expect this dissertation to be read by a person who has more of the same pieces to read through.

  3. The extra pages doesn’t guarantee more marks
  4. One thing you should always remember during your university dissertation is that the examiner has a right to decline to examine the extra pages of your thesis. Imagine all the extra mile may count for nothing at the end. Remember, a long dissertation does not guarantee stronger article in your case that will warrant higher score. Just be keen to provide unique content that is straight to the point while easy to understand.

  5. There is no standard length of a university dissertation
  6. As earlier stated, the length of a dissertation will vary with discipline in context and definitely the subject of discussion. You will not expect a dissertation in chemistry about a certain reaction with a single chemical equation to have the same number of pages as a history dissertation discussing the role of a government in a country’s development. Take note with your supervisor for surety.

  7. The actual written content accounts for less than 50% of the number of pages
  8. Sometimes it’s easy to get fooled by the number of pages, most students forget the other white pages, and this also includes the formatting of your article that aide a lot to the final number of pages one will end up with.

  9. The chapters don’t have same length
  10. Dissertations are mostly like a linked series of essays, which mean they contain different chapters. Some chapters can be longer because they are explaining a point while others are shorter as they are summarizing.

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