How To Compose A Thesis Paper Acknowledgement Page: Useful Advice

The acknowledgments part of a thesis paper allows the writer to realize and be thankful to the people who helped anyhow to finish the paper. Generally it is placed after title page, but it depends upon he teachers also as some like it to be written after the abstract. You need to be sure about it before writing. An acknowledgment section may be filled with only the people related completing the work, as it is not a dedication section and this involves researchers, advisors, academic staff , superviser and all others who assisted you people during the whole work such as other librarians, students, colleagues as well as interviewees. It is necessary to make a list of the names of people who helped throughout the acknowledgment during research and writing to make sure you mention everyone.

To compose a thesis paper acknowledgement page, some simple steps are to be followed:

  • As mentioned before, the first thing to do is making a list of people who took part and helped to complete the thesis paper in some way. The name of the advisor must be listed. If you are not sure about mentioning someone’s name, then mention it, because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • The next thing to remember is starting the acknowledgment with a statement of gratitude. Following the statement the 1st step is to be followed. If individuals are to be mentioned specially, then individual statements of gratitude can be used. For example, write short, individual messages such as, "Thank you to my adviser Dr. Zaman for all of his knowledge and effortful help."
  • Hate is the thing that must be avoided in the acknowledgement section strictly. You need not to mention the negative comments of your professor or anyone who let you down or demoralized you during your work. If you do so, you will sound like a whining teenager. And people like to read the work of a matured adult.
  • One can place the acknowledgment part in following places.
    • At the starting of the work
    • After the abstract and before the table of contents
    • At the end part of the work after the conclusion and before the references

This can be determined by the adviser or the university’s writing guideline. Always bear in mind that if you are writing first time, you should be very generous in your acknowledgement section and if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to clear it from your teachers or seniors.