9 Interesting Topics For Your Dissertation On Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a great subject in terms of its contribution to mankind. It has really helped the evolution of humans and advanced our technology greatly. That is why there are an increasing number of students interested in this subject and they are attempting to pursue a career in biotechnology. However, even in biotechnology, there are different areas of specialty and it really depends on what you like. But before you actually start working in the real world, you would need to do you dissertation! Here are a few interesting topics for you to consider:

Study on Ponds, Rivers and Lakes

As you are aware, these are all sources of fresh water and they are extremely important to humans. Without these sources, we wouldn’t be able to survive long. A study on them would be beneficial and interesting as well!

Effects of pesticides on human growth

Sometimes, pesticides get washed into water sources and that contaminates it. But humans do consume from these contaminated water sources as well. You should discuss about the effects of it and how that can be prevented.

The use of Stevia

Stevia is an alternate source of sugar and that is certainly something you can discuss in your discussion. Talk about how that could affect our lives and whether stevia is a safe and sustainable source.

Study of important medical plants

Medicines and cures are usually made of plants and that’s where new cures come from! Discuss how we can extract the most important ingredients from these plants and how it is going to benefit us.

Vitamins in food

Another topic worth discussing in your dissertation would be the vitamins in the food that we eat. You can talk about how we can take in more of the essential vitamins through eating normally.

Shelf life of tinned food

You must have wondered how tinned food can last for years at some point of your life. Now you can even do a research on it! Talk about the chemicals used.

Study on drugs’ effect on pathogenic bacteria

It we heal from any sicknesses then there must be something with the medicines we take! Discuss the potential effects of it.

Isolating DNA from bacteria

It would certainly be a rather good dissertation topic, but this would take some research time before you can come up with a conclusion!

Stem cells

A really popular topic nowadays is how we can use stem cells to help other parts of our body to recover. Try and find out what it is and how it works.