4 Places To Look For A Good Sample Dissertation Discussion

The discussion section of a dissertation is where you get to discuss your opinions and interpretations of the material you have studied and conducted research on. It’s considered the most important part of any dissertation because it’s were you assert your original ideas based on the information analyzed. Before you start writing this section it’s a good idea to read a few samples just so you can understand the purpose more clearly. Here are four places where you can find good samples:

  1. Samples Written by a Professional Company
  2. Your first option should be to hire a professional writing company to provide you with a fresh sample for you to use as reference. There are a number of trustworthy companies but in order to find them you might have to do a little research. Check online reviews and ratings, preferably those posted on independent sites. You should also contact a few companies directly to learn about the ordering process and to find out if they have qualified people on staff.

  3. Professional Academic Freelance Writer
  4. Another great option to consider is hiring an academic freelance writer. Freelancing has really taken off in the last few years and one of the biggest niche areas is academic writing. Post a new project and ask for bids. Consider everyone’s qualifications and experience in doing this type of work. If possible, select somebody who can send you related samples so that you know they will get the job done right.

  5. Archived Copies of Published Dissertations
  6. The university library should have archived copies of all dissertations that have been published there, as well as access to some documents published elsewhere. If you don’t know how to optimize your search or even where to begin, speak with one of the librarians to save yourself time and energy. Focus on documents related to your research topic, since these are more likely to demonstrate the kind of tone you should take when writing that section.

  7. An Online Discussion Forum or Chatroom
  8. Finally, you can always turn to the online community for assistance. Post a request in an online discussion forum or community chatroom. If possible, find a space that only deals with academic topics, especially one that deals with your discipline area. Just be sure to state that you intend to use the material for reference only, as this will encourage more people to submit work for you to reference.