How To Create A Brilliant Computer Science College Thesis: Vital Hints

Coming up with a collegiate-level thesis can be tough work. But hey, stop and think - you’re in computer science college. You’ve made it this far, what’s one more hurdle? It may seem overwhelming at times; even just coming up with a topic makes you want to drop out of post-grad forever. Don’t stress though, it’s a lot easier than you think!

5 Vital Tips for Creating a Brilliant Computer Science College Thesis

  1. Collaborate with your professors
  2. Helping you come up with a strong thesis topic is literally their job. It’s what they’re hired to do. Talk to your professor after lecture one day and casually mention to him or her that you’re struggling to come up with a main thesis. There is a 99.9% chance that they will welcome you to their office with open arms, and give you a plethora of options.

  3. Look online
  4. Computer science is no longer a topic of the future. There are thousands of students just like you who are enrolled (or have already graduated) from this esteemed college course. What better way to converse with them than to hop online (it is your domain, after all) and speak to other just like you. Maybe you can even recycle some of the graduates’ ideas, or build on their existing essays.

  5. Make sure it’s unique
  6. If you’re after that high grade that you know is achievable, try to find something that hasn’t been done before. Computer science is, after all, the technological and applied approach to computing. This is your area of expertise, show the world. Even if you decided to build on the topic of another student, you could still make it your own!

  7. Look at old lecture notes
  8. By now, you’ve most likely already had an entire semester’s worth of lectures. While looking back on all those notes may not seem like a very fun time, it can be hugely beneficial to you. It’s quite probably that somewhere buried in the hours of notes is your thesis topic.

  9. Ask for advice
  10. Once you have your topic and you get going, you’re going to hit a roadblock eventually. It’s always a good idea to ask for help, not just from professors (as you’re most likely already collaborating with them and talk to them on a daily basis) but from other sources around you - friends with similar interests, graduates from your program, or even the internet! If you’re stuck, you needn’t worry. There are hundreds of viable options for getting past that writer’s block that you’re stuck with.