How To Write A Great Introduction For Your Dissertation: Free Tips & Examples

When it comes time to writing your dissertation, you may already have a good idea of what you are going to write about, but what's the point of a compelling dissertation if your reader's are bored to tears from the introduction? Writing an attention grabbing introduction is an important part of your overall paper. Check out these tips and examples for writing a great introduction to your dissertation.

First Impressions

As the old adage goes; you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is not only important in meeting new people, but is vitally important when writing your dissertation. The opening paragraph sets your readers up for the rest of the work. It tells them about your "argument," your writing style and the overall quality of your paper. If you have a disorganized, boring or poorly written introduction, it sets the tone (for the reader) for the rest of your paper and may even have them regarding you in a bad light. On the flip side, an engaging and compelling opening will have your readers sitting up and taking notice of your thoughts and ideas.

Setting the Stage

Think of a dissertation introduction as a stage play. When you look at a stage, even before the actors come on the scene, you can gauge where it is taking place and what may be to come. A good introduction sets the stage by conveying what the topic is, why it is important and what is to come. Set your dissertation stage with "audience-grabbing" information that will keep them reading on.

Make Them Want More

If you open your paper with dull, boring facts and rambling sentences, you will soon lose your readers. Keep them engaged so they will want to read on. Here are some examples;

  • Open with a compelling story
  • Ask an intriguing question
  • Use a fascinating quote from a trusted source
  • Show them a stirring example

Weaving these into your introduction will grab your readers by their intellectual collars and have them more than enthusiastic and willing to read on.

The dissertation is one of the most important papers you will ever write, don't blow it by having a dull and uninteresting introduction. Follow these tips and examples that will have your readers engaged and reading on to the very last word.