Looking for an MBA Dissertation Example: How to Do it Right

MBA dissertations can make for some really tricky writing projects, especially for business students who have never had much experience working on large documents of this kind. Most schools do follow a standard format that would be accepted across several institutions, but sometimes individual departments have specific requirements that need to go into their dissertations before they will even consider them complete. To ensure that you do your MBA dissertation correctly, you probably want to get your hands on an example which you can refer to as you craft your own. Here are a few places to look:

Request One from Your Advisor:

Your MBA advisor will work closely with you for several months on your graduate dissertation. He will know the arguments and ideas you intend on presenting and will have several suggestions for how to so effectively. Go the extra step and ask for an example of a successful MBA dissertation from one of his previous students. Since he’s aware of your topic he should be able to present you with a great sample that is related to your work.

Read Recently Published Dissertations:

Your university library will have access to thousands of published dissertations going back several decades. However, you should only focus on the most recently published ones (going back no more than three years) in order to find an up to date example that is current with what is happening in the business world today. Though the MBA dissertation format will hardly have changed, it’s still a good idea to review newer pieces.

Check Out Business and Econ Journals:

While in the library reviewing published MBA dissertations, you should check out business and economics journals. The articles in these journals won’t be formatted to the proper dissertation standards to earn an MBA, but you will be able to find plenty of content you could use for your own research, making your work even stronger.

Purchase an Example from a Writing Service:

A great place to find well formatted and well written MBA dissertation examples is from a writing service. A new MBA dissertation can be expensive and can take several weeks to complete, but you can always find a writing service with a long catalog of previously used papers you can use as guides. Give the writing service a detailed summary of your paper’s topic and they will provide you with an example that relates to your work.